1. Does button "Test"  sends email or file to FTP? 

If you see empty reply,  mark  checkbox "Enable debug output"  in section "Misc Settings" and press button "Test" again.

2.  Visit list of jobs  and  check if columns  "Last run" and "Next run"  show correct time

If you haven't added WP cron to system cron -   follow this article 

3. Set  frequent schedule for the job ( for example, each minute) . 

Mark  checkbox "Enable debug output"  in section "Misc Settings"  and  press "Save Settings".

Visit tab "Settings"> "Jobs"  , click on the url  and review output.

If you see "All jobs completed" - wait 1 min and refresh the page

4. Edit job , mark checkbox  "Log results" (in section "Schedule"), save job and wait till job run.

Open job again , click link "View Logs"(next to checkbox)    and select "woocommerce-order-export-...."  in dropdown.