Warning: this gate might not  work for big datasets

Watch the video  (enable subtitles) or read the guide below

  1. Create new job (scheduled OR status change), select output mode at tab "Zapier" and press "Save Settings"  ( I use mode "Formatted File", see step 14) 
  2. Create free account at https://zapier.com
  3. Visit https://zapier.com/developer/invite/92530/91b06c78c83bb30d6088a6b3a1ddc73c/
  4. You will see message "You have been invited to use ...." . Please, click button  "Accept Invite & Build a Zap".
  5. Click button  "Create this Zap".
  6. You will see "(*) New Export",  click button "Save+Continue"

  7.  Click button "Connect" , you will see popup with credentials.

  8.  Enter website url and the key, click "Yes,continue" and the popup will close.

  9. Click button "Test", you should see message "Success!", click button "Save+Continue"

  10. Open dropdown  "job" ,  select job (added at step #1) and click "Continue"

  11. You will see message "Make sure ....", click "Fetch+Continue"

  12. You should get message "Test Successful!", click "Continue"

  13. Now you must select Zapier action for exported data.  I'll continue with "Dropbox"

  14. Type "dropbox" and select this app

  15. Select action  "Upload file", click "Save+Continue"

  16. Connect your Dropbox account 

  17. Select folder 

  18. Select file ( you should see exported file in dropdown) and press "Continue"

  19. Click button  "Send Test To Dropbox"

  20. Click "Finish" and turn on switch

  21. Go back to >Woocommerce>Export Order, open tab "Scheduled jobs" , you should see "File (Connected to Zapier)" in the list 
  22. Edit the job , open tab "Zapier" , you will see button "Test" , click it and check Dropbox folder!
    You should see this action in Zapier history too