Delivery plugins use order meta field with name "Delivery Date" or "delivery_date" (or similar field).

If you want to  export orders to deliver them tomorrow , you have to do these actions 

1. Open section  "Filter by order", select "delivery" field in 1st dropdown , select  LIKE , type {tomorrow} and press (+)

2. Open section "Misc Settings" and add following PHP code.

// replace {tomorrow}  with actual values comparison operators
add_filter('woe_settings_validate_defaults', function ($settings) {
  $settings = json_encode($settings); // to string
  $tomorrow = date("Y-m-d" , strtotime("+1 day",  current_time( 'timestamp' ) )); // EDIT?
  $settings = str_replace( '{tomorrow}', $tomorrow, $settings);
  $settings = json_decode($settings, true); // to array
  return $settings;
} );

3. You must ensure if date format for {tomorrow} match to your dates!

We use date mask  ( more about formats - )

Some common masks + output for 17th April 2020 .

Y-m-d  will output 2020-04-17

m/d/y  will output 04/17/20

j F, Y   will output 17 April, 2020

Default mask is "Y-m-d", probably, you have to EDIT it.